Kindness Counts

The past week I’ve been struggling with some sort of neck/shoulder injury. I’m not sure what I did, but it really stinks and hasn’t been getting any better. Now, of course I haven’t changed my usual workout routine… still doing Core de Force, lifting weights, etc. So, this morning I decided to listen to my body, and be KIND to my body. It didn’t mean not exercising, I just allowed myself to change my routine. I went back to Piyo, which I forgot how much I love. (I am NOT employed by Beach Body, and I’m NOT a Beach Body coach, I’m just a loyal Beach Body On Demand customer because I love their trainers and the variety and quality of their workout programs – totally unbiased opinions.) Anyway, it felt good to give myself a break, enjoy a workout that I’ve missed, and be kind to MYSELF.

This week one of my intentions is going to be to be more kind to myself, both physically and mentally. It’s soooo easy to be hard on ourselves… especially as parents and caregivers. I get upset with myself for not being patient enough, not being present enough, not making awesome dinners every night! Along with not working out hard enough, not getting enough sleep, etc, etc. I’m giving myself a break this week, and that’s OK. 🙂

Oh, and here’s Caesar the Bunny helping out with the blog today….



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