Beth Tucker AKA Biz Builder Babe

I started 2017 with the mindset of “How can I serve?” I have enjoyed an amazing career as a freelance graphic designer for a long time. It has served me well, in that it has allowed me to be home with my 3 kids while still using my creative skills and building a business. Over the past several years I have expanded my career by becoming an inventor, prototype designer, social media marketer, and over-all business builder.

I had no idea I had the inventor gene in me until several years ago. I started with one invention, thinking that was for sure the only idea I would ever have. But since, have launched a line of fitness apparel, designed, developed and brought to market an innovative cell phone purse, and created prototypes for other aspiring inventors!

Along those paths I have also become pretty darn tech savvy and knowledgable about the whole social media and SEO world.

I knew that I wanted to put all of those skills and services together in some way, but just wasn’t sure how. That’s where the “How can I serve?” question comes into play. Since the beginning of 2017 I have really committed to packaging all of my skills so I can share what I have learned to help other entrepreneurs, inventors and small business owners. I love using my creativity to help others realize their dreams and see their passions get off the ground.

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Beth Tucker Biz Builder Babe



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