Speedy Bumps In the Road ~ Following the Path to Fulfillment and Beauty

I’m a super busy, grateful, creative mom. My professional career since college has been as a freelance graphic designer… but I have had many, many other endeavors along the way. I also invent stuff, and really enjoy helping other people with their ideas and inventions. I have created several prototypes for other hopeful inventors, and given them help getting their dreams off the ground.

My #1 priority is taking care of my family. I have been very blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids, and be there for it all. I also really enjoy beauty, fashion and fitness. I am up for trying every new beauty product to come along.

Beauty Junkie Babe is a place where I am excited to share my beauty product findings, as well as share lots of other aspects of my life along the way… 🙂



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