A Little Tuesday Morning Inspiration

I’m feeling inspired with the start of summer, and maybe a little more time on my hands, to get going on some new projects, complete some old ones and ignite some ideas. I just wanted to share a little invention and innovation quote…

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Save Me! ~ Salvaged Wood Furniture & Design

In middle school I really enjoyed shop class. I loved working with wood, in particular.  I made a beautiful bowl using the lathe and enjoyed every bit of the process. Fast forward to about a year ago. I was inspired to get my hands dirty and work with wood again. I decided to build a coffee table using salvaged historic home doors. Fortunately, I live in an area chock full of old stuff pulled out of barns, homes, you name it. I bought a couple of wonderful, dirty, weathered doors and went to work in my garage. I pretty much had NO knowledge of how to transform these doors into a beautiful, functional coffee table, but I dove in. After quite a bit of trial and error, lots of mistakes, a whole bunch of mess, I had a great table! Yay!

Historic Home Salvaged Door Coffee Table

It was soooo satisfying and fun and creative… I was quickly thinking about my next carpentry project.

It was soooo satisfying and fun and creative… I was quickly thinking about my next carpentry project.

I began brainstorming what other wood could I salvage to create my next design. No further did I need to look but outside my kitchen window. On the back of our property stood the kids wood swing set that only a few years ago, it seems, my husband and a friend spent the night building for our kids. Sadly, it was now neglected and my husband was bothering me to remove it from the yard. I just couldn’t part with it. It occurred to me, there was a huge pile of wood that of which I just couldn’t part. Could I re-purpose it for my next furniture project? I went out there and started strategically removing pieces of wood that I felt had potential. I’m pretty darn sure my neighbors thought I was a bit crazy, out there suited in goggles, work boots, cammo pants and a power saw. BUT, I salvaged some great stuff and went to work creating a design for another coffee table. I used only the wood from the swing set, some basic supplies (nails, stain, varnish, etc) and some metal plumbing supplies. The design took a little engineering and creativity, but the pieces I salvaged really worked out well. I prettied up the steel plumbing pipes with some black paint and embellished them with gold accents. I love, love, love the table I created. Not only do I love the design & look of the table, but also, now I can keep a piece of my children’s’ childhood in my house forever!

Salvaged Swing Set Wood Coffee Table

Here’s a Funny Story

I have been entrepreneurial as long as I can remember. Right out of college I started drumming up business to build my freelance graphic design firm. I had NO idea what I was doing, but actually was pretty darn successful! But, back then I had no idea I was also an inventor.

Fast forward to February 2007. Oprah teamed up with QVC and launched her search for the next big idea. I happened to see that show introducing the campaign and decided right then & there that I would enter. I didn’t have a product, or even and IDEA at that point, but for some reason I knew I would enter. I vividly remember sitting in my home office, with 3 little kids running and crawling around, asking myself, “what need do I have for a solution that isn’t out there?” Within a few hours I came up with something.

I wanted a hair styling product that would give my hair lift at my crown. Something to create fullness, that was easy to use, and undetectable. I hated teasing, and hated using yucky, sticky products. So I went to work building many prototypes of a simple, small hair accessory that would achieve this goal.

LONG story short… I created a great product, the Speedy Bump (I still love the name). I submitted to Oprah’s contest. And waited. I got a call shortly into the contest period from QVC asking for some samples so they could test my invention. OMG!!! I followed their instructions, provided samples, and waited again. I can’t remember the exact date they would be contacting winners, but I certainly remember how I felt that day. I was a bundle of anxiety, I didn’t know what to do with myself. And the phone rang… it was a rep from QVC. Basically, they said that I didn’t win Oprah’s contest, BUT, we are still interested in your product and will be in touch. I soooo thought I was going to Chicago to be on Oprah and share my idea.. so I was sad. But, I needed to change my perspective and realize that QVC liked my idea, and that’s a pretty big deal!

Ultimately QVC passed because I was so early in on my product, I only had a great prototype, I didn’t have manufacturing, proven sales, etc. But I was determined to move forward because I knew I was onto something.

SB for pin
Speedy Bump Hair Accessory In Use

I started researching manufacturing, learning how to get it made on my own, testing it further, and looking into the infomercial world. Through tenacity and dedication I got in touch with one of the first major infomercial gurus in the world (think Ginsu Knives). I found his contact info, reached out, and he actually called me! What??? We had a couple of conversations about my product, then he had me talk to someone else in his organization, talked to his legal department, etc. Then there were crickets.  OK, fine, I’m moving forward without them.

I continued working on everything; manufacturing, promotion, marketing. I got a call from my sister-in-law several months later asking me if I had gotten my product on TV because she just saw a commercial for something just like my idea. WHAT??? A very similar product was suddenly everywhere… As Seen On TV, every drug store, you name it.  I did as much research as I could on that product, and feel that it did lead back to that infomercial guru from months past. What could I do? I’m a little guy, I didn’t have the resources to stick up for myself. It was terribly painful and heartbreaking. But, here’s a few takeaways:


Protect yourself… talk to a lawyer before you share your great idea with anyone.

I learned soooo much. Mainly, I had a great idea, I will have more, and I can help others with their great ideas to make their teams come true.


Remember that scary thing?

EntrpPathI have since realized why it was scary for me to sign on to be a Rodan + Fields consultant… I wasn’t listening to my gut. Deep down, I knew it was not the right opportunity for me, but I dove in, hoping it was going to be a good move. I am not at all criticizing R+F, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields are brilliant doctors, and impressive business women. R+F is wonderful for so many people, both customers and consultants, but it’s just not my path. And that’s OK. I’m a designer, artist, builder and entrepreneur. I LOVE creating and designing prototypes and helping others build their companies and realize their dreams. That’s my path… using my God-given creativity to help other hopeful entrepreneurs reach for the stars. The graphic attached is actually a concept in Carrie Green’s wonderful book, “She Means Business.” If you haven’t read it, go buy it now. I had a little detour on my path, but I quickly figured that out. I’ve had some other minor detours; a couple of part-time jobs that turned out to be unrewarding, some courses I took that I totally snoozed through. But, looking back I can almost always connect the dots and see why those challenges and situations were placed in my life. It’s super hard to understand when you’re in it, and you ask have to ask, “Why in the world did I do that?” or “Why did God place me in that wacky spot?”

Sometimes we need that venture off, to bring clarity to what truly is our passion, and purpose, and how we can best serve.

Good Stuff

I am on a constant quest for the perfect shampoo and conditioner. My hair is long and pretty wavy/curly, depending on the day. But it’s fine, so I have several shampoo and conditioner needs. I need both to add volume and thickness, keep my hair strong & healthy, add moisture, and if it smells nice that would be great, too.

I recently splurged on Bumble & Bumble Full Potential Hair Preserving Shampoo. I really like it!! It does meet most of my needs. The only one it might not totally meet is the moisture part. My hair is a tiny bit dry-feeling, and maybe feels a little stiff. But, I think that sort of goes along with trying to achieve thickness. But, it really doesn’t bother me, especially on day 2. I can brush it out a bit and it’s really thick and fluffy. Smells nice, not too perfume-y. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks, and am really pleased. It’s expensive but I think a little goes a long way. Even with my below-shoulder-length hair, I only need to use about a dime-size portion. Also, as a side note, around the same time I started using the B&B shampoo, I decided, very hesitantly, to try to only wash my hair every other day. So far, so good! I can totally get through 2 days, even with working out every day. I DO shower, but I just put my hair in a bun while I shower, then maybe hit my hair a tiny bit around the sides with the hair dryer and fluff it up.

Now to make the teeny bottle last as long as possible 🙂


Kindness Counts

The past week I’ve been struggling with some sort of neck/shoulder injury. I’m not sure what I did, but it really stinks and hasn’t been getting any better. Now, of course I haven’t changed my usual workout routine… still doing Core de Force, lifting weights, etc. So, this morning I decided to listen to my body, and be KIND to my body. It didn’t mean not exercising, I just allowed myself to change my routine. I went back to Piyo, which I forgot how much I love. (I am NOT employed by Beach Body, and I’m NOT a Beach Body coach, I’m just a loyal Beach Body On Demand customer because I love their trainers and the variety and quality of their workout programs – totally unbiased opinions.) Anyway, it felt good to give myself a break, enjoy a workout that I’ve missed, and be kind to MYSELF.

This week one of my intentions is going to be to be more kind to myself, both physically and mentally. It’s soooo easy to be hard on ourselves… especially as parents and caregivers. I get upset with myself for not being patient enough, not being present enough, not making awesome dinners every night! Along with not working out hard enough, not getting enough sleep, etc, etc. I’m giving myself a break this week, and that’s OK. 🙂

Oh, and here’s Caesar the Bunny helping out with the blog today….


Just a typical Saturday in June

Super busy Saturday… worked out, laundry, adopted bunny, pick daughter up from Hershey trip… typical Saturday 🙂 ONLY makeup I’m wearing is mascara! No filter, no Photoshop, no foundation/concealer, just R+F!

More importantly, we have a new baby bunny! My husband has been seriously opposed to this decision, so fingers crossed that it all works out! So far, so good. He’s soooo sweet, 9 weeks old, mini Rex mix, we just love him. His name is Caesar. I’ll talk about him more in my next post & share pics.
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I turned 46… yikes

But it’s REALLY ok! Because, I am super healthy (thank the lord), super happy and super blessed.

I have to admit, the number 46 is a bit scary… it’s just too close to 50 😉

Fortunately, I have been really skin-conscious my whole life, and that has paid off. Now, I have been blessed with good genetics (thank you mom), but I truly feel my skin looks better than ever. Weird, huh?

No hard sell here, I really just want to tell EVERYONE how great Rodan + Fields skin stuff is. I was skeptical for a long time, but now I’m a believer. I’m only using the Redefine Cleansing Mask and Night Renewing Serum, and my skin is fabulous.

Here’s my R+F site:


Seriously, it’s good.

That was scary

I read lots of motivational stuff, I can’t get enough of it. One phrase that sticks in my head lately is “Do something that scares you every day.” I think it’s a lot to ask to do that EVERY day, but, I think it’s healthy once in a while.

Today I posted my first Rodan and Fields post on Facebook and Twitter. Totally out of my comfort zone to sell products like that, but they are great & I do want to help others. So, now I wait, and hope someone is interested. And, if not today, that’s OK, I’ll keep at it and make it happen 🙂


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